When is happening a crisis situation in teacher`s career?

This is a comparative analysis regarding teacher`s needs for training. One item is related to the period when a crisis may occur.

Which was the period of time during your career when most frequent crisis situation happened/occurred?
                                                                         Research 2000       Research 2010
a. In the first year:                                                  33,23%                 49%
b. Between 1 and 3 years                                       26,00%                 27,9%
c. Between 4 and 8 years                                       11, 35%                 10%
d. Between 9 and 15 years                                     12,45%                    5%
e. Between 16 and 20 years                                     6,59%                     2,7%
f. Over 20 years                                                      11,38%                   5,4%

We can see both in the 2000 research and 2010 research the same model of evolution of the frequency of the career crisis situation: very numerous at the beginning of career (“in the first year”), constantly decreasing in the next intervals (“between 1 and 3 years”, “between 4 and 8 years”, “between 9 and 15 years”, “between 16 and 20 years” reaching the lowest value) so that it grows back at the level of the value related to the interval “between 9 and 15 years” for the option “over 20 years”. This pattern is preserved in the 2010 research where another item regarding the evolution interval in the teaching career during which teachers appreciated that continuous training has the most important role, the interval “between 16 and 20 years” has still the lowest value (with 6.2%), while the intervals “between 9 and 15 years” and “over 20 years” are equivalent (with 13.2% and respectively 11.5%).

Thus, teachers appreciate that until 20 years the frequency of the crisis situations decreases (as a consequence the continuous training registers the same descendent trend) while over 20 years the number of crisis situations register a slight increase (which leads to the recommendation of a specific continuous training and re-motivating process). Such a model is useful for the way in which are conceived training programs depending on teachers’ evolution in career.

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