Our new book: READY TO BE GREAT

Patience: Researchers found out that the ability to postpone things, to not rush, and to weigh up alternatives is one of the keys to success. With patience we achieve positive thinking (because we don’t surrender and we trust our own forces to guide us in life). 
Empathy: People that are able to listen and understand others are much more appreciated and loved by the people they interact with. As a good parent it’s essential to ensure a child develops empathy. 
Cooperation: The conflicts are everywhere. People who know how to cooperate develop harmonious relationships with the people they interact with, are more popular, and end up having happy families. 
Perseverance: If we learn how to persevere, we will overcome obstacles, we will ”beat” pessimism and discouragement, and we will always believe in the possibility of success. 
Courage: It’s all very well being clever, but sometimes when you need to speak in public your emotions overwhelm you and you become scared to impart your knowledge to others. 
Creativity: We teach our children how to discover new solutions based on the new situations they will face in life. We make sure they are prepared for any challenge, whatever it may be. 
Curiosity: Studies suggest that if you stimulate the curiosity of a child, they will want to learn more, get better grades and have more success in life.

For more information: READY TO BE GREAT

Spanish Edition: Listo para la grandeza

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